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MLC2006 Work and Rest hours solutions

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MLCmate Basic

Our MLCMate Basic service allows companies to get reports on their seafarers' work and rest hours.

Get our reports in 3 simple steps:

  1. Fill a monthly form with your seafarers' work and rest hours
  2. Send your forms via email.
  3. Receive an email with our generated report containing:
    • Filled official MLC 2006 report for each of your seafarers.
    • Overview of your seafarers' and vessels' non-conformities and your progress based on previous months' performance.
The process

MLCmate Mobile

Our MLCmate Mobile Android application is a more comprehensive solution, allowing for planning as well as reporting and is designed to be used on vessels.

  • Easy recording of work and rest hours.
  • Easy planning of future work.
  • Real time checks against MLC 2006 regulations.
  • Clear indications of seafarers' non-conformities.
  • Generation of MLC 2006 work and rest hour reports.
  • Overview of seafarers' work schedules.


A simple pricing model allowing you to pay only for what you use. No high upfront costs. No surpises.

MLCmate Basic MLCmate Mobile
0.30$ per seafarer per month $50 per vessel per year

* Available for a free 6 month trial!

Receive our report for each of your seafarers each month License for our Android tablet application for one year


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